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Curtis Butler


Drummer/Bass Guitar/Trumpet

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Curtis has been drumming since 1972. Since that time, he has sat in with many different groups, touring for 3 years through 26 of the SE States. In ‘84, he was given the opportunity to play the World’s Fair in New Orleans, LA. with the southern gospel band “Generations II”. Since then he has sat in with a number of Southern Gospel artists on many different occasions. He has played with some of the best musicians in southern gospel music and was an anchor for the rhythm section for Northern Ohio State music team for years. His experiences in the cultural diversities of that genre’ only served to develop his unique and adaptive style of playing that fits so well in live situations. As one of the original members of Greenville’s own Hot As A Pepper and before that, the Augusta GA based R&B group, “Soul Play” he was a part of two great situations to showcase his versatility that has been honed over the years by influences such as Phil Collins, Jeff Porcaro, Steve Jordan, Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich. Curtis also plays Trumpet and Bass guitar adding to his overall adaptability. Curtis is currently the drummer for Madison Medlin and is available for fill in shows regionally. 

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