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Amanda Floyd-Edmonds

CEO, Artist Management/Artist Development

Amanda has always been involved with music in some form from a very young age. She always migrated toward opportunities to participate and learn more with a family that also embraced her talents and musical desires. This led to a chance to follow this love into college learning from instructors in theory, performance and instrumental coaching. Though she changed her major later as her desire to help others and provide care for others grew stronger, she still took music with her as she studied nursing. She would sing to calm her patients and ease their anxiety and she knew she'd always have to be part of music in some way. Around 2011 after a chance encounter, Amanda was approached by a major record label to venture into the other side of music. She knew that there was a lot to learn before she could confidently be successful in the music industry. For the next decade, she was fortunate enough to have that same person that approached her be a mentor to her. She dabbled during that time with booking and management but never really took on anything major. In late 2020, she began building relationships with venue owners, cultivating what would be an important next step in her venture. From there she began working with a few bands, always ensuring that they were just as professional as they were talented. In late 2021, she finally gave what she had been doing a name, Mandalyn Entertainment. Since then, she's hit the ground hard branching out into other states in the southeastern US, building the brand that she held so close to her heart. She made a promise to never be anything but transparent with her clients and to never view them as dollar signs; only to work to make her artists' dreams feel a little closer than they were the day before.

Zorya Baker

Hip Hip/R&B Dept Manager

Zorya has been working with the public her entire adult career. Her attentiveness to your needs and her ability to anticipate the next steps in your journey are where she shines! Her musical tastes are eclectic and her ear for hidden gems of talent are what make her a valuable addition to our team. She works with our Hip Hop and R&B clients regularly and assists with other clients on various tasks. She may be new to the industry but she’s definitely not new to working hard to make your dreams a reality! Zorya is located centrally between markets in the Greater Charlotte, North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina areas and works closely with our CEO to assist with regional artists and day to day tasks such as scheduling appointments, correspondence, social media management and booking. For assistance with artist submissions, scheduling phone conferences and evaluation you can reach her at ATTN: ZBaker


Jill Moore

Booking Manager, Website Management

Jill has been in the live music scene for several years. She has a wealth of knowledge that is crucial for artists to advance their careers. Her "larger than life" personality is infectious and her drive and passion are unmatched. She's no stranger to approaching venues and talent buyers and doesn't shy away from a challenge!  Jill assists with website management and building and social media management as well as promotion. We believe in making sure we add people to our team that have an endless skill set and Jill fits that bill flawlessly! We are so blessed to add her to our team. For booking inquiries, please reach out to her at



We are always looking to expand our team. If you have interest in working with us and our artists, send us an email with your resume attached. 

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