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Band Performance
Artistic Development
Public Relations
Social Media Management

Just starting out on your journey? No problem! We have a wealth of knowledge in getting the ball rolling and implementing those things so that you can see your dreams come into focus. From solo artists to a stage full of talented musicians, we have your back! 


Image by Eric Rothermel

So you have a band and what you need are some "paying gigs" (insert "Sling Blade" reference here). You've come to the right place! What started as just a local territory became the southeast, and then eastern and midwestern states to what is currently growing into nationwide territory very rapidly! We've never met a challenge that didn't turn in our favor and we want to rub a little of that good fortune onto our artists. You'll be hard pressed to find commission rates as low as ours or the flexibility we offer for our artists. We aren't out to break anyone's back. We're in this to help people succeed! 


Artist on Stage
Artist Management

From day one, you've been grinding it out and making sure everyone that you meet knows that they can expect nothing but professionalism and only the best entertainment. It was a long process that you invested time and tears to accomplish. We know because we've been there. We've made our stamp on the world letting businesses know that we only work with the best and we require nothing but professional, committed behavior from our artists. Let us put that to work for you. Come on in, sit on the couch, have a cup of coffee and relax. We'll take care of the rest while you focus on your music. 


What's the one thing that you need in order to thrive in the music industry? People need to know who you are! We want to make you a household name that rolls off the tongue and sparks conversation as effortlessly as some of the greats in music! Podcast interviews, local news station appearances, guests on local radio...we've got it covered! Let the contacts that we've spent years building a relationship with work in your favor! 


Let's face it. Making sure your own personal social media thrives in the manner you envision is tough enough. Add a professional page to that mix and you're in for one heck of a job! That's where we can help! Creating media to keep your audience interacting with you and craving the chance to see you live at a show is what we do! This is a service that is invaluable but costs very little to obtain. For literally $1 a day (maybe an extra nickel in February) you can take that load off of your shoulders! Our team has experience with getting people talking and keeping them engaged! Let us help!


Designer's World
Logo and promotional Material

Your brand needs an unmistakable look from top to bottom. Not something that everyone has or even a name that everyone has. You need something unique to you that represents you! We can help! Maybe you've got a show coming up that you need some promotional material for. You guessed it, we can help! No major art fees, no crazy prices. Just a product that helps you have the best outcome possible. That's what you can expect from us!


Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters
Website Creation
Turn Table

Everyone seems to have a "studio" these days. Not everyone knows how to produce quality material and your engineer matters! These are the things that we want to help walk you through. You don't just need your songs recorded. You need radio ready, tried and true material when you leave any recording situation. Something ready to take you to the next level! You work hard writing your music, let us work hard to make your true creativity shine through! We partner with studios all over the US that have proven themselves time and time again. No matter where you are, we have a place that will welcome you and your creativity with open arms! 


Putting your best foot forward is paramount in the music industry. Having a captivating website that showcases your music, your show and your accomplishments is what has become absolutely necessary. Let us help create that space for you! Whether you have your own idea of what you want or you leave it us, we're confident that you'll be happy with the end product. 


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